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Andy Fox Photography
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Seascape at Sunset Workshop (including post processing tips)

Location : Whitsand Bay, Cornwall          Duration : 4 hours          Price : 65 (Per person)

Venue: Capture the beautiful scenic seascapes of Whitsand Bay in Cornwall. Whitsand Bay is situated near the Rame Head peninsula and has an abundance of rock formations, rock pools and a golden sands that are fantastic for reflections at low tide.

Description: You will learn new skills and techniques that will enhance your photography. Assistance will be given to improve your
photographer's eye for a creative composition. We will use filters to balance the scene's dynamic range and slow down the crashing waves to create dramatic water movement. After capturing some worthy images we will then go back to base (seaside chalet) where I
will show you the fundamentals of post-processing using Photoshop, and ultimately produce
stunning printed imagery.

Equipment: Digital SLR Camera preferred but a compact camera is acceptable but is limited in the amount of filtration that can be used. Different techniques will be taught without the use of filters to capture the dynamic range. A sturdy tripod and head is a must
for seascape photography. I have spare filters you can borrow.

Ideally, the following filters would be beneficial:
o 3-Stop Neutral Density Graduated filter
o 3-10 Stop Neutral Density filter
o Circular Polarising filter Suitable walking boots or  a good pair of wellies  and waterproof clothing. 

The workshop will approximately start around 2 hours before sunset and end around 2 hours after sunset.